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From Mexican Restaurants to Local Attractions, Have Some Fun In Miami

It’s a common belief that Mexican cuisine started with the Mayans over 2,000 years ago. These people lived off the land consuming corn, beans, peppers, fruit and chocolate along with turkey, duck, chicken, and pork. Nothing quite hits the taste buds like mouth-watering Mexican cuisine with all its bold flavors and spices. What the Mayans started is what we still enjoy now but it can be hard to find truly authentic Mexican restaurants that deliver a contemporary and upscale environment. If you are looking for the best Mexican food in Miami, you will want to check out this amazing location.

Talavera Cocina Mexicana
This Mexican restaurant draws consistently large crowds so make sure you book a reservation if you want to check it out. As soon as you enter the door, you’ll be struck right away by its amazing Mexican decor. Bright orange covered walls are embellished with blue and white Talavera plates and a three-piece mural. Sit down in an incredibly comfy leather booth and enjoy some delicious baked blue and white corn chips served with your choice of either a smooth mild tomato guajillo dip or spicy tomatillo-habanero dip.


Everything on the menu, including the alcohol, is affordably priced under $20. The menu includes items such as torta, enchiladas, huaraches, soups, salads, ceviche, and chiles rellenos. The service is incredibly helpful and friendly. You will definitely have an enjoyable visit.

Talavera History
The name and roots of Talavera is reflected in the authentic Spanish and Mexican pottery you'll spot adorning various spaces inside the restaurant. This refined pottery's origins date back to the 16th century. Master potters from Spain were invited by Dominican monks to teach the local Puebla people in Mexico how to create this unique earthenware made from black and white clay found in the region. It can take over six months to create one piece of pottery from start to finish. This pottery is so rare that only nine workshops in Puebla today are certified to make it. Talavera Cocina Mexicana is the only one of the Mexican restaurants located in Coral Gables where you will be able to see this exquisite pottery firsthand.

Local Attractions
The city of Coral Gables has plenty of local attractions for visitors to enjoy. You can check out the ivy-covered mansions sprawled along tree-lined boulevards. Enjoy the rich cultural heritage with a visit to the local museum or spend time reflecting on epic masterpieces during one of the many art festivals. There's also plenty of sightseeing and helicopter tours along with shopping and dining experiences for many tastes.
If you are looking for the top Mexican restaurants in Florida, you will want to include this amazing restaurant on your must-go-to list. With truly authentic Mexican cuisine and amazing service, you can’t go wrong. Your hardest decision will be which menu items to choose from because you will want to try them all!

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