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Popular Mouth-Watering Mexican Foods Found In Miami


Mexican food is a distinct mix of indigenous Mexican cuisine partly inspired by culinary skills and ingredients from the Mayan civilization dating back 2000 years ago. The Mayan diet was sustained by local land supplies, which included pork, duck, chicken, chocolate, fruits, corn, beans, and pepper. Mexican foods are healthy and flavorful because they contain unique spices, herbs, and ingredients. The distinct flavors and delicious taste of Mexican food get inspired by the seasoning and spices used. These ingredients include chilies, cumin, oregano, cilantro, garlic, and paprika among others.

Are you in the Coconut Grove or Coral Gables areas of Miami? Do you wish to have a taste of some of the best Mexican food in Miami? You can walk into Talavera Cocina Mexicana restaurant in Coral Gables, or Peacock Garden Bistro and Jaguar restaurants in Coconut Grove, Miami for a Mexican treat. These top restaurants offer rich Mexican food menus with some of the best Mexican food in Miami. But you'll need some tips to make an order if you aren't familiar with Mexican food.

Don't get surprised when you look at the menu. You might see the names of foods that you've never heard of. But here is a list of some of the best Mexican food in Miami that you should expect on your menu while at these restaurants.


Tortilla or 'little cake' in the Spanish language is a kind of flatbread made from dough containing wheat, corn, or a mix of both. This is a native Mesoamerican food, and these pieces of bread are often prepared with meat. Tortillas are also used to make other delicacies such as enchiladas, burritos, and tacos.


Churrasco is a term originating from the Spanish and Portuguese, and it refers to grilled meat or beef. It is a prominent delicacy in Latin American cuisine. It's popular in Brazil, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina. Top Mexican restaurants, which serve such grilled meat are known as a churrascaria, which means steakhouse.


Burritos are a food variation made from traditional tortillas. These are foods made by wrapping a tortilla around a filling such as minced meat, fried beans, or rice. Vegetable salads combined with cheese or cream can also be part of the filling. The wrapping gets light steaming or grilling.


Tamal, huminta, or tamale in English is a native Mesoamerican food made from starchy corn dough known as masa. Tamales get filled with vegetables, fruits, and meats. The tamal gets boiled or steamed in a leaf wrapper after getting filled.


A taco is a traditional Mesoamerican food made from wheat or corn tortillas rolled or wrapped around filling meat, vegetables, seafood, cheese, or fruits. This versatile dish gets accompanied by garnishes, which include onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and salsa.


Tostada is a bowl-shaped or flat tortilla, which is deep-fried or toasted. When tortillas are no longer fresh they're fried or toasted to make tostadas to prevent them from going stale. You can serve tostadas as accompaniments along with other foods such as meat, vegetables, and bean stews.


Quesadilla is Mexican food made by folding tortillas into half and filling them with Oaxaca cheese. These folded tortillas are then cooked till the cheese melts. You can serve the Quesadilla food with acidified cream, parsley, guacamole, and chopped onions. Salsa is sometimes added as a topping.

Don't feel out of place again when ordering the best Mexican food in Miami! You now know most of the popular foods on the menu of Mexican restaurants. As such, you should order with confidence knowing what to expect when your palate gets to work. Walk into Talavera Cocina Mexicana restaurant in Coral Gables, FL. or Peacock Garden Bistro and Jaguar restaurants in Coconut Grove, FL. and make your order today to get the best from Mexican culinary arts.

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